Extra Dahlia Tubers


Here are the varieties of dahlias that  we are offering at this time for Wholesale pricing. We are limited  somewhat, so are offering them in groups of 10 tubers for $25. That's  $2.50 each. We have a $100 minimum excluding shipping. You can order  more than one group of 10 of each variety. 

Go to the product catalog and sort by "Wholesale" The varieties with pictures will pop up.

All wholesale orders will  need to be called into the office - Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm  Pacific time. 

Tubers will be shipped by USPS or Fed  Ex, whichever is cheaper. A shipping cost of $18 minimum for up to 75  tubers and $18 per 75 tubers after that. That's about what I can get  into a large flat rate USPS box.


Frey's Dahlias 12054 Brick Rd. SE, Turner, OR 97392 

Comments or questions? Phone 503.743.3910; Email us at info@freysdahlias.com or click the "Contact Us" link on the Main Menu.

We accept  major credit cards 

Variety names

Hee Haugh

Bold Accent


Chilson's Pride



Crazy Legs

Brookside Cheri





Princess G

Smokee Gal

Sonic Bloom

Summer's End

White Carnival

Who Dun IT

Wyn's Cinnabar

Yellow Ball

Carl Chilson

Raz Ma Taz

Greg's Red