Cut Flower Ordering and Pricing


Our Flowers are Available From Late July thru Early October

Our field will be open for visitors starting early August. You can come and wander the field and see how they grow, and the colors in real life.

We are not accepting orders for cut flowers yet. Since picking will begin in Late July for weddings and special occasions we start taking reservations in June 2020.

Cut dahlias aree $9 a dozen for the first 10 dozen. then $7 a dozen for the 11th and over dozens. ( for example 20 dozen dahlias are $160; $90 for the first 10 dz and $70 for the 2nd dz.) Dinnerplate sizes are $2 a bloom, no discount. Sunflowers are $1 a stem or $5 for 6 stems.

  We do not ship the flowers  as they are very fragile.  If you live far away, you can check with  your local Farmer's Market as they may have some great local flower venders. 

For special orders and quantity orders, please contact us at least 1 week in advance (2 or more weeks is preferred). We usually have several custom orders each week, so calling ahead is essential. 

Contact us, even if your event is still months away.  During the dahlia season, we recommend visiting the gardens at least 2  weeks prior to your event to look at the dahlias and make the choices  that you will need for your event. Please bring the vase or container  and any color items, such as a napkin, fabric, ribbon... you are  planning to use and we can experiment with dahlia sizes and colors. We  can estimate how many dahlias you will need at this time as well. Please  visit the website during the off season to see pictures of the dahlias  we offer.

 Special order dahlia bunches for weddings, parties and  events must be picked up a day or two before your event, usually a  Thursday or Friday for a Saturday event. Our dahlias are cut just hours  before pick up and will last close to a week after they are cut from our  fields with proper handling and storage. 

 Please provide your own buckets, the 2 - 3 gallon size (mop buckets) work best.------  5 gallon size are too tall and squish the blooms! We cut the stems around 15 inches long. 




Cut Flower Prices for quantity orders and weddings:

1 - 10 dozen = $9 a dozen 

(example - 10 dozen = $90)

The 11th dozen and over = $7 dozen 

(example - 20 dozen = $90 + $70 = $160)

Large blooms 8 inches and larger are $2 a bloom, sold by the single stem.

(example 20 large blooms = $40)

I hope this helps you figure the cost, if you have any questions, please contact us.  


Contact us


Frey's Dahlias 12054 Brick Rd. SE, Turner, OR 97392 

Comments or questions? Phone 503.743.3910; Email us at or click the "Contact Us" link on the Main Menu.

We accept major credit cards.